Goddess Tempest Original Interview – English

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Nachfolgend das englische Original Interview mit Goddess Tempest. Eine freie Übersetzung findest du HIER

Let’s start in the beginning. Could you tell us the story of how you got into toiletslavery?
I was actually raised in a very strict and conservative home. It was in my senior year of High School that my husband (back then my boyfriend) told me about toilet slavery and scat. At first I thought he was joking, thinking it’s something he made up. That is how 100% vanilla I was.
I just turned 18 and although I had sex with my previous boyfriend I never even experienced an orgasm at that stage. He took things very slow with me and convinced me to allow him to lick my ass the afternoon when he picked me up from school. As you can imagine I was very reluctant because I poop in the mornings before school and then sit the entire day in class. The mere thought of how gross my asshole will smell made my mind race. I didn’t want my boyfriend to smell my ass, much less put his tongue there. But he was the one who gave me my first orgasm so I really trusted him. He also explained to me he loves ALL of my body, the good and the “bad” so with that in mind I agreed. I’ll never forget how my heart raced when I felt his breath on my bottom and then suddenly the soothing cool & wet feeling of his tongue making contact with my asshole on that hot summer afternoon. It felt really nice but I struggled to enjoy it because my mind kept screaming: “The love of your life is licking your ASS! It’s probably very smelly and it must taste terrible! He’ll never respect you again!”
But the way he kept moaning and massaging my asshole with his tongue made he realize just how much he must love me. No guy can love their girlfriend THIS much that they will lick her ass. So I relaxed a little and it started feeling amazing. I didn’t climax but I got very wet and aroused. From there little by little he helped me break down the mental barriers and I learned that it is okay to enjoy the pleasure my body brings me.

What was your first reaction, when you heard there are guys that want to be used as toilets? That they would even eat shit for you.
It was very weird and odd in the beginning. I felt almost overwhelmed that there were human beings out there who put me on such a high pedestal, that they want to eat my shit out of their own free will. Despite how weird it was it also gave me massive confidence in myself. People think that highly of you does a lot for your self-esteem and makes you feel really good about yourself.

Please tell us about your first time you used a human toilet. How was this premiere for you?
This is going to shock many and perhaps make many laugh but I didn’t like it one single bit! I was 19 when I took a shit in someone’s mouth and cried myself to sleep that night. Reason because not only did it feel dirty, weird and a little naughty but the main issue was that I got turned on by it. I kept denying that it turned me on but my erect nipples, spine tingle and wet vagina begged to differ. I felt betrayed by my own body. I felt like a total freak that I was turned on by doing something so utterly revolting to another human being. Took me months before I got around to be willing to give it another go.
Took me a few years to understand my feelings. Back then there was no Facebook, no Twitter and certainly no Fetlife. This was almost 4 years before the existence of YOUTUBE! It’s not like today where there are tons of forums filled with likeminded people. Over a few short years I learned that it’s okay to be who I am, that it’s okay to enjoy the erotic arousal of shitting in someone’s mouth. The female body and mind are wired very differently compared to the body and mind of men and this is why I teach other women how to understand their feelings and be okay with enjoying toilet slaves.

How does it feel for you, if someone is under you and eats your shit? Please describe the experience for our readers.
ORGASMIC! Today I fully enjoy using toilet slaves. Very few things feel as amazing as slowly taking a big shit into someone’s mouth and feeling the movement of his / her tongue against my asshole while they are chewing and swallowing my turds right out of my rectum. It’s also a very intimate feeling. My body processed my meals and is done with it. The feeling of knowing my body’s waste is feeding the body of my slave is very intimate. Taking a shit is a very private experience that we tend to do alone. So having a man / woman putting his / her mouth over my asshole, knowing they can hear my soft grunts and moans of pleasurable relief and they are actually tasting my SHIT and swallowing it to make it part of them is very special.

Is toilet slavery for you a sexual experience? Are you getting aroused by using a human toilet?
Oh very much yes. I can experience very powerful orgasms during direct feeds, especially if it’s a really big load of multiple thick & creamy turds I’m pushing out. If the slave is having a really tough time under me because of the very strong taste and volume of my shit but he/she keeps trying to swallow then I can orgasm multiple times during these slow bowel movements without touching my vagina. A person under me who keeps on swallowing despite having a very hard time makes me cum really hard while shitting.

Do you prefer an experienced toilet or a virgin one? Is it something special for you to take away someone’s toilet virginity?
I prefer virgin toilets for the most part mainly because most toilets lie about their experience. Also there is something about that look of fear but massive excitement in a slave’s eyes while he/she is busy licking my ass and we make eye contact and I start to push gently in order to shit into his/her mouth very slowly. This is very special because they can also see my facial expressions from the pleasure of finally pushing after keeping a big shit in for a long time.
In this regard women are by far tougher than guys. This is especially true for first timers. The moment the tip of the turd makes contact with the guy’s tongue and the taste is too intense and they gag they will pull their tongue away. I have found out that I can push girls much harder and further. I have seen time and time again that a girl will actually lick the tip of my turd harder despite gagging and feeling overwhelmed. Many times I have seen the terror in a girl’s eyes if I keep pushing and the taste is too much, yet they will actually guide the turd with their tongue while I fill their mouth.
Why? Because they could see it in my eyes and on my face how intensely I enjoy the feeling of my shit sliding over their tongue into their mouth and they didn’t want to interrupt that for me. As women we tend to put ourselves through a lot more to make each other feel good. This is part of the reason why female toilets train a lot quicker and learn to swallow a lot faster than men. I’ve seen this over nearly two decades of training not only toilets but also couples. There are exceptions though but in general women are just a lot more dedicated in my experience.

What do you expect from a toilet slave? What qualities should she/he have?
Devotion. Total devotion towards me as their feeder is extremely important. Contrary to popular belief, being an actual full consumption toilet for a woman is NOT an easy nor pleasant task. There is a massive difference between fantasy and reality. They must be dedicated and devoted as my toilet to ensure my maximum comfort, pleasure and relief during my bowel movements in their mouths. True toilet slaves must understand that I don’t practice this as a mere kink. I LIVE this as a LIFESTYLE 24/7. Their goal in life should not be to serve part time, their goal in life should be to eat my shit 24/7. I guess that makes me very different from what most men are used to. lol

Is there the possibility to have a session with you? How could this be accomplished?
Like I mentioned above I live this as a lifestyle 24/7. So understandably “sessions” in THAT sense of the word is not exactly my thing. However I do train couples in this amazing fetish, yes there are even vanilla couples out there who now practice toilet slavery in their marriages after training sessions with me. Some of them even wrote testimonials for my book “How To Get Your Partner Into Scat” With that being said I do sessions sometimes (even with single men who want to try to be fed by me) but as you can understand I reserve those spots for the top 5% of my clip buyers. Still no guarantee but a handful of lucky ones do get to eat my shit whenever they are in South Africa as they are loyal buyers of my work.

You are having a 24/7 slave at home. You have been using him as a full toilet as we can see in your videos. Are you using him outside of the videos as a toilet?
Oh yes, most certainly. I never use a regular porcelain toilet unless it’s for specific videos or when I’m visiting family every now and then. For years now I just don’t enjoy sitting on a regular porcelain toilet at all. I by far enjoy and prefer to feel a slave’s mouth sealed over my asshole, licking it for me and feeling my turds slowly pushing his/her tongue away from my asshole as I fill their mouth. I more often than not climax from shitting into my slave’s mouth and feeling my shit being chewed and swallowed. This is why I do training sessions with as many women as possible. Taking a shit should be done in a slave’s mouth in order to experience a climax every time.
So every time I teach women this amazing fetish I also let them practice on my live in toilet slave. Yes, it takes a few sessions for me to help them overcome that mental barrier but once that is done it is so rewarding to see my slave’s cheeks bulge under them while seeing that pleasure and amazement in their faces during their bowel movements. So besides the videos my toilet eats my loads daily and mostly over weekends he eats shit from other girls and women who I’m teaching how to properly use and care for toilet slaves. His life is entirely dedicated towards being a toilet for women.

Out of curiosity how many times did you use a porcelain toilet last year and how many times a human one?
Giving an exact number is tricky since I go daily but sometimes I hold in my shit for up to 3 to 4 days. This is when I’m in the mood to take GIGANTIC shits down my slave’s throat. It’s extremely tough on the slave but it feels amazing for me. So percentage wise is easier. I’d say roughly 15-20% of the time I use a regular porcelain toilet. This is either because I’m away with friends or family for a few days or for video shoots where an actual shitting scene in a regular toilet is required. I once had an amazing experience making an outdoor scat video where I walked in the middle of the African Bushveld and took a shit right there in nature. Since my slave was present I let him lick my asshole clean. There’s something so exciting & primal about shitting in nature and having your ass licked clean. I’ll pretty much use any excuse not to use a regular porcelain toilet haha

A question about your private slaves. Could someone become your slave without becoming your full toilet? Or do you tell them early on, that they have to consume your kaviar no matter what.
Women can. Sorry guys, but male slaves must always eat my shit and consume my entire loads. With women I prefer that they are also willing (or willing to learn) to eat my shit and swallow it BUT on some occasions I do make exceptions. Female slaves however must be at least willing to smell and lick my unwashed ass. I really enjoy that feeling due to my sadistic nature.

So scat can’t be a taboo for your slaves?
For male slaves no, it shouldn’t be a taboo

Do you change your diet, when you’ll have a toilet session? Or would this contradict the purpose of a human toilet?
I never change my diet. I love keeping the human connection with my toilets. It excites me that another HUMAN BEING is tasting and eating my shit to show me respect as their Goddess and to enhance my pleasure. With that being said. As a toilet slave they must endure whatever comes from my body, which is the entire point. If the taste is very disgusting they slave must embrace his/her suffering and find comfort in MY pleasure I am experiencing. Hearing my soft moans of relief and delight should always be more than enough encouragement to keep chewing and swallowing my turds no matter how many of them there are or how horrible it tastes. Yes, I understand you are a human being but you are being a toilet for me to enhance the PLEASURE of MY bowel movements. It’s important you embrace your suffering to ensure you do not interrupt my pleasure while I’m taking a slow and satisfying shit in your mouth. It’s so important to remember that you get a chance to ingest the actual solid waste from my superior female body and make it part of your inferior slave body.

You are offering videos and custom videos about toilet slavery. If our readers want to buy one, how do they do it? How can they order a custom video?
Custom videos can be ordered directly from me. I have more than one payment option available. I love making fantasies come true for my fans
I can easily be reached on social media either on Fetlife here:

Or Twitter here:

I’m now also on Scatbook (still brand new and a work in progress lol)

Or directly via email here:

My Clipstores:
Scatshop: https://www.scatshop.com/girls/goddess-tempest-productions/
Clips4Sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/148179/face-farts
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003126927/Facefarts/Store/Videos/
Yezzclips: https://www.yezzclips.com/store1761
IWantClips: https://iwantclips.com/store/515761/Goddess-Tempest

Please tell us about the other fetishes you are offering in your videos. Farting and ass worship seem to be quite popular.
I am indeed very fortunate that those are popular because I LOVE when people lick my ass and sniff my farts. So I’m glad I get to actually fully live my lifestyle 24/7 and make a career out of it. Other fetishes that I offer but that’s severely censored are extreme smothering. I get insanely aroused controlling another person’s breathing. There is something about the insane rush of power and control when you get to restrain someone and only YOU get to decide when they get the chance to breathe. My favorite part is past the 1 minute mark when he / she is in a very desperate state of panic for air. It’s amazing to see their body contort against the restraints and hearing those pleading wails of agony & despair for my mercy. When I look into those pleading eyes and take deep and slow breaths of air to torment them further. I have to make it clear though, there’s a LOT of medical history about the slave I need to know before I’ll even consider doing this with them. I can’t always go this extreme in videos mainly due to site restrictions being enforced on our stores. So I only get to go that extreme in videos if it’s a custom ordered video.
Other fetishes I also enjoy is pissing in people’s faces and mouths. I really enjoy feeling that warm relief of emptying my bladder right into the mouth of someone sucking on my vagina, almost like my piss is giving them life.
Face sitting is also fun as well as having my feet worshipped. On occasion I’ll order my slave to lick my pussy so I can cum in his mouth & face on camera.

Are there other products our reader can buy from you?
Shipments from South Africa are a problem unfortunately. But here locally people enjoy buying panties I have worn for several days and I also sell my pee and shit. Most are kind enough to even send me videos of themselves masturbating while sucking on my turds which is so erotic! I always think how good a particular turd felt sliding out of my asshole while watching the buyer eat it. I do however offer online products that people can buy from me. Like private Skype text (for those who are too shy to do video calls) I also offer Skype video call sessions where I dominate you online. Those are a bit of a problem these days though due to electrical load shedding here in South Africa leaving us without power without much advanced warning. Our country’s electrical supplier is constantly under pressure.
Most popular is my personal custom vids which people love to buy. What they get to do is ask me any questions they like and I make a full video for them answering their questions in detail.

Please tell us about your new book. I presume a lot of our readers would like to have a partner with the same interest.
My book “How To Get Your Partner Into Scat” has sold a little over 200 copies since it’s release. Unlike general books they obviously don’t sell by the thousands. BUT the important thing is the 88% success rate for those who bought it and followed the step by step instructions. The thing about my book is it explains to you how the mental barrier regarding scat works for us as women and how to help her overcome it. Remember in the beginning of the interview I explained the tough time I had to make peace with the fact that it’s okay to enjoy shitting in people’s mouths, that it doesn’t make me a bad person? I have written this book with my experience I gained since 2002 in order to help those who want to experience this with their girlfriend / wife but they simply don’t know how to tell her, much less how to help her overcome the barriers so she can also enjoy it.
People (especially us women) wrongfully assume scat has to be dirty and messy because that’s what you see in videos, nothing can be further from the truth. For instance, scat with my husband is very different than scat with my live in toilet slave. With my husband it’s such a romantic act. For instance, when I’m laying in his arms and we are gently kissing staring deep into each other’s eyes and I start to very slowly, little by little shit myself. Letting him look into my eyes & soul and see my facial expressions while I’m shitting as he is holding me is so very private and leaves you very vulnerable. Or when we both start shitting slowly during our lovemaking. Seeing each other’s “pooping faces” during gentle lovemaking. It just doesn’t have to be this nasty & massive mess all over your body. Pooping while making love is extremely private and forms a near unbreakable bond between a couple. This is also what my book is all about as it is quite extensive in the 10 Chapters. Even how to help her through the feeling of “feeling dirty” and guilt. I went through it, that’s why I help others how to understand those feelings and get past it.
The advantage of my book is that even if you don’t have a wife/girlfriend it will give you loads of insight in how to handle the situation with women & scat in general. Once you understand how we perceive scat & kink you’ll have a far better chance in searching for the right women as well. My book also covers basic medical aspects of scat & toilet play.

You seem so compassionate and yet also sadistic?
I am a very compassionate person but yes I get intense orgasms from making my slaves properly suffer. On that note I want to share something very few people know. Reason why I can fully enjoy myself and be this good at it is because I NEVER do ANYTHING to any of my slaves if I have not experienced it myself first. I asked my husband (back then still my boyfriend) to use me as a toilet because I wanted to know what my future slave will experience when I use them as toilets. I let him use me as a toilet a total of 15 times! The last 5 times I asked him to wait till he can feel he has a really big shit, then restrain me, sit directly on my open mouth and keep on shitting in order to force me to swallow. It was pure HELL for me and probably the most terrible agony I ever went through. I made him promise even if I fight against the restraints and cry crocodile tears (which I did) that he must be strong and keep shitting and make me swallow his entire bowel movement. So I know EXACTLY how bad it can be when you are the one being the toilet. That’s why my orgasms are so intense. Knowing what the toilet is putting him/herself through makes me enjoy my shitting in their mouth that much more.
The same with the smothering. I still have the photos of myself tied up to a chair being suffocated with a thin clear plastic bag. The bag was pulled tightly over my head for 3 minutes and 57 seconds. My ears and lips turned pale blue/grey and I was making these wet gurgle sounds, also I pissed myself from the intense pain and panic. I never do anything to someone I haven’t done to myself.

I read you are writing custom fetish stories. How could someone order a story?
Oh yes, I’ve written a few lesbian toilet slavery stories and these days I offer custom stories as well. The order for the custom stories are exactly the same as those for my custom videos. Like the videos the stories range in price. I have one specific client for instance who orders one custom story per month from me that he literally pays $500 for. In general that is roughly 5 to 10 times more than my usual short custom stories but there is a reason why he pays so much. He has very specific fantasies he wants in the stories, things you won’t find on websites because of it’s extreme and taboo nature. His stories are also extremely long. Just to be clear, this does NOT involve minors. Even in fictional stories I won’t write anything that involves children. His fantasies does involve very intense torture scenes (think like the movies Hostel and Saw type of torture scenes but with scat included as a torture method)
The Reason why so many love to order custom stories from me is because I take great care in character development and scene setting, making you feel that you are actually there while reading it.

Do you have any tips for a toilet slave to find a scat goddess online?
Even though my book will help you understand women & scat kink better in general I can give some tips here as well. You see, especially women that are into scat have learned to protect themselves so we kind of “red flag” anyone we may suspect will become a problem. What you do NOT want is to be “red flagged” by us. Here is what NOT to do:
Have a blank profile: You can be more than 90% sure your messages will be flat out ignored by a scat Goddess if you have an empty profile. If you have no writings, no or limited information about yourself in your about section and no photo’s get ready to be completely ignored.
One Liner messages: If you are going to be sending her messages like these:
“hi sexy”
“hi misstress”
I suggest you give up now. Best one liner message I EVER got was: “toilet me”
Entitled messages: You barge into her DM’s demanding free content or tell her she simply must make YOU her new toilet slave because you are the best out there. That’s a sure way to get you ignored.
Dick pics: You want to NEVER be taken seriously as ANY slave, never mind a toilet slave then send her pictures of your dick. No Goddess in her right mind is remotely interested in your penis. Chances are she has someone in her life and she has zero interest in your sex skills.
In the past I used to waste a lot of time responding to such messages, trying to teach and educate. These days I simply don’t have the time (very few of us do) so I just ignore such messages or block the sender. I particularly enjoy those who claim they are a much better toilet than my current toilet slave. As if I wouldn’t have kicked his ass to the curb if he was a poor toilet lol. Those who make such claims usually have never swallowed a drop of shit in their lives.
So if you are going to take the plunge and contact a Scat Goddess make sure your profile is at the very least up to high standard. I’m going to use myself as an example.
You see I get between 15 and 50 messages DAILY and I can assure you there are Goddesses out there who get a LOT more than I do. What you want to make sure that you stand out as a toilet. The first two lines of your messages are crucial. Remember you are one out of 50 messages a day we get, so you want to grab my attention in the first two lines of your message.
Best way to open a message is with something along the lines off:
“Dearest Goddess, I really enjoyed your writing regarding” (whatever writing on her profile you read and are referring to) so she can see you took interest in her as a human being and READ the actual writing. Don’t just quote it. You see if she knows you are interested in what she has to say in her writings you increased your chances massively for her to respond. Show her that despite being a toilet you can actually make a decent conversation. Want to increase your chances? Well in the next lines you can talk about one of her videos you bought. If she feels you are invested in her work (which is our pride) she will be far more likely to invest some of her time to actually get to know you.

If there is an aspiring scat goddess among our readers, how should she start? Do you have any tips for her on how to find a reliable toilet online.
As weird as this will sound. If you want to attract PROPER toilets and not freeloading time wasters who just want to masturbate behind the computer taking up hours of your time while they never plan to serve you then you should verify yourself. This can be done in a number of ways. Holding a hand written note with your profile name on it in a photo or even better, a short 10 to 30 second verification video stating your name and the fact that you love human toilets. Best is also to have actual scat videos online for sale. NOT free ones as many won’t know if it’s actually yours or stolen pirate content. Toilets will take you a lot more seriously, if you have an actual online store selling your content because to open such stores you need to do an entire verification with your ID, proof of residence, signed model releases and in some cases even your tax number. This gives you huge credibility, or you can collaborate with another Goddess who already has such an online store.
These days if someone calls me fake I can laugh them out of the room as I have multiple online stores on various platforms. If you want real toilets you need to also show YOU are real and serious about the fetish because toilets also get scammed by fake Goddesses.

If she wants to get into selling video online, how should she start?
Ask yourself the first and most important question. Do you want to sell videos to make a lot of money fast? If your answer is “Yes” then walk away and save yourself a LOT of tears. Yes, there are models who make large amounts of money, but they have been selling videos online for 15 or more years and most have over 2000 to 3000 videos online. It takes YEARS to become successful and make any worthwhile money. If you plan on making only scat videos then you should also reconsider because the piracy among scat videos are INSANE! These days I mostly make scat / toilet slavery videos as customs because if someone paid $100 to $1000 for one single video they don’t like sharing it.
If you want to do it for fun in the hopes of turning it into a full time career THEN you are in the right direction. I myself have produced videos for almost 3 years before I quit my job as a Chartered Accountant.
Be ready to put in long hours. Make QUALITY videos and do proper editing to make it professional. In the beginning it won’t look great because it’s a learning process, but it’s okay. Just keep going and be sure to listen to constructive criticism from those who buy your videos.
You don’t need expensive cameras! Smartphones these days take crisp & crystal clear videos of outstanding quality. I made the mistake of paying through my ears for a video camera in the beginning. Yes, the focus is perhaps better and it’s less light sensitive BUT it’s microphone & sound quality is horrible. So unless you are willing to spend really big money on a video camera and external microphones I suggest rather invest in lightning and use your smartphone.
Sites take almost half of what you make on your videos, some take in total after deductions as much as 67% leaving you with a 33% profit. BUT it gives you great exposure. Just don’t expect to retire on making scat / toilet slavery videos. Piracy of these videos led to many models who decided to rather quit. I myself rather concentrate on using slaves as toilets in my daily life instead of filming those scenes all the time. I’m at that point in my scat filming career where I can mainly do just custom toilet slavery videos since many of my other fetish vids is now my main source of income.

You have used a female slave as a full toilet. How is this different than using a male one? Do you prefer it?
I kind of explained this a bit in an earlier question but yes, I do prefer female toilets over male toilets because I have found females to be more dedicated, when it comes to learning how to endure swallowing my loads. Also there is something oddly erotic about to female bodies, one’s mouth attached to the other one’s ass. The inferior female slave body feeding directly on the waste from the more superior female Goddess body. It’s also something very special between women. When I feed female slaves I do enjoy looking into her eyes, even hold her hands. I orgasm just as easily from feeding a male toilet slave, it’s just that tiny bit more special when my toilet is also female hehe I remember the very first time I shit in another woman’s mouth. I was 21 / 22 at the time and she was 38. Her name was Michelle. She wasn’t into scat at all but she really wanted to be a slave for me so she agreed to try to learn to be a toilet for me. For a few months I shit in her mouth regularly but she just couldn’t swallow so I let her go. If it was today it might have been different, back then I was still very young and not well experienced in training toilets lol

Do you like it when you are having a session with a gourmet? A person, who really likes the taste of your poo.
It’s okay for me but I much rather prefer when they experience a little discomfort.

Or do you prefer it, when the toilet isn’t enjoying his meal? So, is a willing or unwilling toilet more appealing for you? Or does it matter at all? A toilet is a toilet, it has to function?
I prefer when toilets don’t enjoy their meal too much, it is shit after all. Luckily my loads are pretty strong tasting so toilets don’t easily eat it like it’s chocolate cake haha I prefer willing toilets in the sense that even if they don’t enjoy the taste to still be very willing to eat my shit for my delight and pleasure. As far as unwilling toilets go, that is something that I would love to try one day with a CNC (Consent to Non-Consent) setting. I’ll explain more about that in the next question.

Are there fantasies you wanna try in the future? Could you tell us about them?
There is something toilet related I am planning to try with a gorgeous 20 year old girl (we have finished discussing details about it) She LOVES CNC. She really loves the idea of consenting to have things done to her completely against her will. Scat is an absolute hard limit for her. She is however very excited about the idea of being totally restrained, having clamps fitted to her mouth to keep it open and me taking a seat with my asshole right on her open mouth so she can lick my ass while I finger myself right in her face. What scares, but also really excites her, is the fact that my bowels will be FULL. So, if her tongue gets tired and she doesn’t lick my asshole properly I’ll start to push and the only way for her to get me to stop pushing and not shit in her mouth is to lick my asshole harder. She and I both love the idea very much to push her to her ass licking limits with this method since she absolutely can’t handle the idea of scat. I have warned her that chances are 99.9% that my sadistic side will come into play and that I will end up shitting in her mouth anyway. Her only condition is that I at least orgasm during this so she can see how her suffering against her will makes me cum. Only thing standing in our way at the moment is that she lives a good 10 hours away, but we will eventually make a plan.
As far as my darker and perhaps more unrealistic fantasies go, well I’d LOVE to be able to afford to buy land one day and develop it into a small town, where all men are slaves and toilets. Where men drop to their knees in the street when they see a woman. Where each household is entirely female except for the one male toilet slave per each household. Even public toilets in shopping malls and parks will actually be men. In my fictional town called Tempest-Ville ALL women would be able to use men as full toilets 24/7 like I do.

What other fetishes are you enjoying?
Findomme is also a passion of mine but not in the usual sense. I have my own very unique Findomme style and my Finsubs actually see me without my mask.
Like I mentioned earlier I also enjoy smothering. Very erotic when someone is at my mercy for a breath and they have to earn it from me.
Having my ass eaten and farting on people’s faces and in their mouths is also amazing for me.
Ass worship, feeling someone’s nose against my asshole inhaling my anal scent is pure heaven for me.
Forced exercise. I rarely get the time to do this, but it’s amazing fun. I drive my slave out on a deserted road like 30 miles or so and then lock him out of my car. I then drive off slowly and the slave has to keep running next to my window. Every mile or two I stop and give them a chance to beg on their knees for me to unlock the car. It’s extremely erotic seeing how the slave’s body is getting all sweaty & exhausted while MY body is in perfect comfort of the cool air-conditioned interior of my car. It puts me in an amazing position of power. I’m so powerful that with the power of only my big toe on the accelerator pedal I can make the slave run faster and suffer even more in the extreme heat.
After several miles when the slave is beyond desperate and exhausted I smile at him and with just a gentle push on the pedal from my big toe I increase speed. The panic and intensity on the slave’s face as he desperately clings to my car to try and keep up with the increased speed brings me such powerful orgasms that my whole body starts to shudder. If the slave can keep up during my multiple orgasm I’ll let him in afterwards but if he can’t keep up I’ll keep increasing speed and leave him there which I have done twice. The fear of me driving off is very real and to see the slave swinging his arms as he gets smaller in my rearview mirror usually brings another bunch of orgasms.
Sometimes I’m very lucky and it starts to rain hard suddenly. I then usually stop and masturbate in the dry comfort of my car while watching my slave through my window on his knees next to my car shivering and getting soaked. My slaves can take comfort in the fact that their exhaustion and suffering brings me intense pleasure as they get to see my body contort in the powerful contractions of my orgasm. It’s a very odd fetish I know but loads of fun! I can’t wait for the chance to do this with a female slave but having her completely naked to add to the excitement. The very same 20 years old girl I explained earlier who is willing to do a scat related CNC scene with me is also willing to give THIS a try.

You seem to be very into this lifestyle?
Oh yes! I am a very firm believer that some women like me were born into this world for the purpose of being served. Our Goddess bodies are sacred and we were literally born into this world to experience only comfort, delight and orgasmic pleasure even if it is totally at the expense of others. Others are born into this world to make that happen for us. In other words, they are born into this world to endure suffering for the Goddess. To let his body be abused for the orgasmic pleasure of the body of his Goddess. Is it fair? Of course not, but life isn’t fair. This is what I teach my toilet slaves, to embrace the tough role they were born for into this world. I experience pleasure and orgasm every single day of my life because it is my destiny. My slaves who suffer for my daily pleasure therefore play a very important role by living THEIR destiny.
No matter who you are. While you are busy eating my shit you should take comfort in how much intense pleasure I experience from having my bowel movement in your mouth no matter how horrible the taste.

Do you always prefer to sit directly on the slave’s mouth while shitting or do you love other positions as well?
Oh I love other positions! I also enjoy when there’s a distance between the slave’s mouth and my asshole so they have a clear view. Sometimes when I open the lid of the toilet box I like talking to my slave’s through the toilet seat opening while drinking my coffee, just about regular everyday stuff. It’s nice to have that connection that they can see my face and smile before I take off my panties and they are greeted with the sight and smell of my ass. Knowing they can see my asshole slowly open up and the thick turd slowly curl out of my stretched open asshole towards their open mouth is very erotic. Other times it’s fun taking a shit on their face and then sitting down in it and bringing myself to climax. All in a day’s work for my toilets hehe

Final question. You already gave us your social media account links. Where can we find your stores if we are interested in checking out your work?
For my scat & farting videos (scat videos are from roughly the 7th page at the time of this interview) you can visit my store here:

For my ass worship, farting, face sitting, smothering, foot worship and other very kinky clips you can check any of my following stores:

Keep in mind though if you buy more than one video directly from me you get better rates and pay less per video xoxo

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